Spanish Detours

Meet Your Tour Leaders

Spanish Detours was born from the passion that husband and wife team Shane and Jess Lewis have for this region of Spain which led them to create a unique way to tour Spain.

Just like their many previous guests you too will find their enthusiasm and knowledge infectious.

Their previous professional lives in England are now a distant memory and their focus is clearly on the comfort and enjoyment of their guests.

They fell in love with this area because of its sheer beauty and diverseness, much of it hidden away from the usual tours. Their experience of this beautiful region also allows them to reach parts that the tour coaches don't, offering a fresh, unique and personal approach to holidays.

Strictly a family run business, with the flexibility and personalization that that brings, Shane and Jess offer you a warm welcome and a holiday experience to cherish.

Jess Lewis
Shane Lewis


Click on the image below to see Spanish Detours on the official Riogordo Ayuntamiento (townhall) website where only legally registered Spanish businesses can be listed.

Riogordo Ayuntamiento

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