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The Alhambra Palace at Granada

The city of Granada is situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and houses many important Moorish and Catholic architectural sites, including one which is widely regarded as being one of the ten architectural wonders of the world.

The jewel in the crown has to be the magnificent Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens. The entrance fee is included in the cost of your holiday as we believe that this is the 'must see' highlight of your trip, where several hours can be spent absorbing the history surrounding the many areas which make up the Alhambra Palace.

Across at the Generalife Gardens, once again you can marvel at the care and devotion which has been given over the centuries resulting in not only beautiful plants, trees and garden design, but also an ingenius irrigation system which runs throughout the grounds conserving the precious commodity of water.

If you have any energy left after visiting the Alhambra, we can then take the short drive down into Granada city centre where there are plenty of shopping opportunities. Situated alongside the Cathedral, the Alcaiceria area, which in Moorish times was the silk market is a maze of narrow alleyways, bursting with colour. Embroidered shawls, ceramics and silver jewellery are available in abundance here.

As with Seville there are a wealth of historical buildings to visit, and prior to visiting Granada, let us know if there are any specific areas of interest to you, we can then check the opening times and add them into your itinerary.

For images of Granada, please visit the Your Holiday page.

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