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The Port City of Malaga

Mention the word Malaga, and most people who tour Spain fly into the airport and drive away, leaving behind them a lively, historic and fascinating city that has so much more to offer.

An ideal spot to start your sightseeing in Malaga is the Gibralfaro Castle which was last used in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War and dates back to the beginning of the fourteenth century. It offers wonderful views of the whole city - a great photo opportunity.

We can then drive down and park near to the Alcazaba which again is a lovely area to while away some time in both the buildings and gardens.

Malaga has, in recent years been re-discovered by tourism in the wake of the Picasso Museum opening. This and the Casa Natal de Picasso, his birthplace, are two areas high on the list of 'must sees' for art connoisseurs. Malaga’s Contemporary Art Centre also features exhibitions featuring both classical and modern art.

On the outskirts of Malaga is the Jardín Botánico La Concepción which are among the finest botanical gardens in Spain. They were originally designed in the 1850's and include plants from all over the world.

If you like shopping then Malaga offers a full range of international stores to artisan shops to the fantastic indoor market where, in the mornings, fresh meat, fish and produce are sold by vendors from stalls that have been family run for generations.

Deep in the Malaga mountains we have negotiated a wine tour like no other wine tour. Bodega Antigua Casa de La Guardia is the oldest Malaga wine producing bodega in the province dating back to 1840. Here many of the processes remain unchanged from the 19th Century. When they harvest the grapes, by hand, the land is too steep for machinery and so they use the most sure footed 4x4 available, a donkey.

You will see the full process from vineyard to the bottle without being confronted by a mass of stainless steel machinery.

The tour concludes with tastings of their wines with the option of accompaniments of the sweetest Iberican air cured ham and Manchego cheese.

The tour of this family run bodega is taken by Ignacio, a true Spanish caballero.

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