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The Majestic Town of Ronda

Anyone who tours Spain cannot leave without visiting Ronda. This beautiful and historic town is set at over 2500 feet above sea level. The Romans labelled it Arunda meaning 'surrounded by mountains' and the views are truly breathtaking.

Even though Ronda is the fastest growing town in Spain, the historic old town and mercadillo still retain their charm and are divided by a 120 metre gorge that is spanned by three bridges the most recent of which is the magnificent 'new bridge' which took 42 years to build between 1751 – 1793 and the smallest and oldest is the Moorish bridge which still takes traffic.

Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles both lived in Ronda and wrote about its beauty. Hemingway’s book ‘For whom the bell tolls’ is said to be based in Ronda and recounts the early days of the Spanish civil war when Nationalist sympathisers were thrown from the ‘new bridge’ into the gorge below by the Republicans.

Ronda was the birthplace of modern bullfighting and here you will find the oldest and most revered bullring in Spain. Although bullfighting itself is a very Spanish tradition the bullring with its fascinating museum is a definite 'must see'.

The town has many museums and places of historic interest, but even during the height of the tourist season it is always possible to find a quiet, shady place to enjoy the cuisine of Andalucía and a cool drink.

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