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City Tour of Seville

The capital of Andalucía and heartbeat of Spain. The birthplace of flamenco and the location for the largest feria in Spain. No tour of Spain is complete without a visit here.

The inspirational city of Seville is a must for any tour of Spain and is a fabulous day out.

We'll park as centrally as possible and then take a stroll through the historic district to the magnificent Seville Cathedral, which was completed in 1506. It houses 25 chapels, many works of art and fabulous treasures. The tomb of Christopher Columbus is housed here, and the huge altarpiece dominates this fabulous building. Adjoining the cathedral, soaring into the sky is the Giralda tower. Completed in 1171 it has a height of 343 feet. Dominating the city skyline, this huge tower has seen several changes over the years, but has afforded protection through the many conflicts that have taken place around it.

The next area of interest is the Alcazar, the oldest royal residence in Europe where you can take a journey through several centuries of history. The beautiful gardens are a pleasant place to rest your feet for a while.

The University of Seville, housed in what used to be the Tobacco Factory formed the backdrop for Carmen and is the second largest building in Spain. Built between 1728 and 1771 this superb building has no less than 44 patios.

Heading away from the heart of the city we'll pay a visit to the Plaza de España which was the star attraction of the 1929 Iberian - American Exhibition. The spray from the huge fountain dominating the centre of the plaza can offer welcome relief during the hot summer months. There are several elegant buildings in the area which also relate to the 1929 exhibition.

There are of course too many areas and buildings of note in Seville to mention individually, which no doubt you'll come across by spending a full day here.

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